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Camps FAQ

Which medications can be packaged in Camp-Pack?
All pills can be incorporated into Camp-Pack including vitamins. The only exceptions are Birth Control pills and Accutane which cannot be combined in the pill pack. In addition, we can supply inhalers, liquids and injectables, however, these medications are sent separately and not included in the packaging.

Does Andrews accept my Insurance?
Andrews Pharmacy accepts most major insurance plans. After reviewing your insurance, if we find that we cannot accept your insurance, we will contact you regarding this and you will not be required to participate in the Camp-Pack program.

I use mail order for a 90 day supply of medication. Can I still use Camp-Pack?
With most Insurance plans if you notify them that you need your medications pre-packaged for camp they can put an override in their system to allow Andrews Pharmacy to fill your medication for a 30 day supply.

Can a half or quarter pill be packaged?
Yes, Andrews Pharmacy can split pills as long as they are in a dosage form that permits the pill to be cut. (I.e. delayed release medications cannot be split)

Will the pharmacy dispense Brand or Generic drugs?
Massachusetts law requires that the pharmacy dispense generic medications if available unless the physician writes the words “No Substitution” at which time the pharmacy must dispense the Brand name drug.

What do I need to do to enroll in this program?
1. Fill out the Camp-Pack application form completely.
2. List RX for Student and MD can fax RX prescription.
3. Include on the prescription the campers name, date of birth, and camp name and address.
4. For controlled substances: If the student is staying for more than 30 days, The physician must have original RX mailed to Andrews Pharmacy.
5. Include a copy of RX insurance cards (front and back)

Who do I contact if I have any questions about Camp-Pack?
Andrews Pharmacy
324 Weston Road
Wellesley, Ma 02482
Tel: (781) 235-1001
Fax: (781) 239-0655